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Student Organizations and Clubs

Thomas Jefferson Elementary offers a variety of student organizations to enhance the education of the whole child.  Kingsport City Schools is committed to notifying parents of all clubs and organizations available to students attending KCS.  
Organization/Club Name
(including any abbreviations
or acronyms)
Club Mission & Purpose Financial Requirements
Student organizations (involving only students and Kingsport City Schools staff) or school-related organizations (a booster club, parent-teacher association or similar group) shall be subject to the policies and guidelines established by the Board of Education. All student organizations shall be sponsored by a System employee, approved by the principal or Superintendent of Schools and adhere to internal accounting procedures.

Students must enroll in and attend schools under the supervision and control of the Kingsport City Schools Board of Education to be permitted to participate in student organizations/extracurricular activities/athletics.

Annually, as part of the student handbook, each school shall notify the parents or legal guardians of all clubs and organizations available to students attending the school. The list shall include:
(1) The names of the clubs and organizations, including any abbreviations or acronyms;
(2) The mission and purpose of the clubs and organizations; and
(3) All financial requirements associated with membership in the club or organization.
No school shall permit a student to become a member or participate in any activities of a club or organization if the parent or legal guardian of such student has provided written communication prohibiting such student from such membership or participation. In order to be valid, the written communication shall be signed and dated by the parent or legal guardian. This list shall also be submitted to the Superintendent. Only registered organizations are authorized to act as a representative or solicit funds on behalf of Kingsport City Schools or its schools and programs.

The principal or designee(s) shall serve as the liaison(s) to a school-related organization. The liaison(s) shall communicate between the organization and the System.

Any person hired/paid by any student organization or a school-related organization to work with students shall be denominated an "Adjunct Instructor". The use of these non-employee instructors shall meet the standards and conditions described in Policy 5.705 (Adjunct Instructors and Service Contractors).

Plans, projects or activities shall be approved by the principal, or by the Superintendent in the case of system-wide programs, before any action is taken by the student or school-related organization. Fund-raising activities shall be consistent with Board policies. Any funds collected from or for individual students as a requirement to participate in an activity must be processed through the internal financial 
accounts of that school.